Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Framboise Blend

This is Mike H's winning Framboise Blend recipe from the June 2013 Flying Carp Open Meeting.

Framboise Blend:

5# Pilsner Malt
1# Cara-Pils
3# Flaked Wheat
2 oz. Really old dry hops
East Coast Ale Yeast

Added brett starter after 3 weeks
Added pedio 2 weeks after brett
Added 4 lbs raspberries 9 months later
Bottled 6 months later
Split 2 1/2 gal with old lambic
Bottled 2 1/2 gal straight

Flying Carp Open Meeting - June 2013

The winners from the Flying Carp Open Meeting are:

1stMike HFramboise Blend
2ndTravis GIrish Red
3rdTravis GSteam Beer

Congratulations to the winners!