Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stout Meeting - February 2014

The winners from the Stout Meeting are:

1stJoe AForeign Export
2ndBrian CRussian Imperial
3rdDallasForeign Export

Congratulations to the winners!


  1. Hi Guys, I belong to a homebrew club in London Ontario Canada, I like the idea of having club comps regularly, how do you conduct these, ei using BJCP forms or a vote or a show of hand? We bring samples of our homebrew to each meeting (not more than 10 samples) but there is no feed back from the people doing the tasting and order is lost pretty quickly after the tasting begins, it would be nice for the brewers bringing the samples to get more feedback than "this is good"

  2. Typically one or two members will act as proctor/steward, and we use a BJCP format. The meetings will often have a theme (ie style, ABV %, etc.) and members are encouraged to bring their interpretations of that theme. Those who are not stewarding will act as judges and fill out their impressions of the beers as well as recommendations for improvement. Sometimes we will have a commercial example entered as a ringer for comparison. Scores are tallied just like in a BJCP comp, and that is how our "winners" are selected. We have also had a "guess the style" meeting, which I found really helpful for palate development. Depending on how many beers are entered, it can be a really lengthy/tiring process, but the feedback really is awesome. I am pretty new to this whole "being a member of a homebrew club" thing, but even when I haven't entered a beer myself, I have found the meetings have been beneficial to my brewing because of the process of sitting down and analyzing the others homebrew. Hope that helps, and best of brewing to you in The Great White North!